AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtThree-ball Shirt
House MusicAloha K.K.

Hyouta is a tiger villager with a jock personality. He only appears in one of the games in the Animal Crossing series, that being Animal Forest e+ though, he only appears in the Japanese version of it.

[edit] Personality

Hyouta will tend to have a keen interest in sports and fitness, he will often criticise other villagers' fitness. This will offend Snooty and Cranky villagers who will find his attitude rude and egotistical. Hyouta will struggle to understand Lazy villager's way of life and will therefore avoid them. Hyouta will however get along well with Normal, Peppy and other Jock villagers.

[edit] Appearance

Hyouta is a yellow tiger with half closed eyes, this in particular usually a lazy villager's choice of appearance which is very unusual. He has three spots on each cheek and the insides of his ears are pink.

[edit] Name Meaning

  • Hyouta's name means Roark in Japanese. Hyouta shares this name with a gym leader from the game Pokemon.
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