Anything associated with the Jock personality is broken down into two strict groups: sports and physical fitness. These are greatly regarded by any Villager who bears this personality and it truly takes up the majority of their lives, taking part in any and all banter between others and in practically any other public situation. While this enthusiastic attitude can easily be looked up to by those with theSnooty personality, a Jock villager's overall strong-willed arrogance among others will ultimately turn them away in the end. With this, they can commonly be found judging others in a light, joking, yet still offensive tone. This is where Jock villagers are left out of the crowd belonging to most personalities. Their rampant energy is naturally shunned by the Cranky and Lazy presets, yet awkwardly accepted by the Normal villagers. All in all, Jock villagers are on the right track as far as full neighbourhood acceptance goes, so long as their relentless boastfulness is set aside for good. They get on with Peppy animals, due to their female equivalent.


[edit] List of Jock villagers

There are around 59 jock villagers to appear in the Animal Crossing series. Here's a list of them alphabetically:

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