AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtRed Pinstripe
House MusicK.K. Cruisin'

Joe (ジョ Jō ) is a Cranky Bird villager who has only made an appearance in Animal Forest e+ as an islander.


[edit] Personality

As a Cranky villager, Joe will appear rude and ungrateful towards the player but will eventually warm up to the player. He admires Lazy villagers due to their relaxed ways and will get along well with Snooty villagers because of their shared personalities. He will talk about Peppy, Jock and Normal villagers negatively behind their back to the player.

[edit] Appearance

Joe is a purple bird with elements of red on his face. The sides of his face is a darker shade of purple, this matches the colour of his wings. He has a golden beak with matching feet.

[edit] House

Joe's house includes most furniture from the Modern Series and a globe. He has a Birch Floor and an Exotic Wall.

[edit] Trivia

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