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Katrina is a female blue panther. She has made an appearance in all of the Animal Crossing games and has always had the role as a fortune teller.


[edit] Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, Katrina will set up a tent on a random date and location. She could could be near the Post Office one visit, and then by Nook's the next visit. When you enter her tent, she will offer to tell you a fortune for a mere 50 Bells. Her character is very undeveloped in this game. Also, the day of the New Year's Celebration, she will be outside near the Wishing Well and you can play her game called 'Sunshine Lottery' with her.

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Katrina once again will set up her tent. But this time, she comes once every month and is located at a set location. Every time you see her, her tent will now be a the Town Hall. She can now tell you your fortune, predict your character's love life, and tell you the happenings of tomorrow. This time, her fortune costs more Bells than in Animal Crossing. You can get a spirit cleansing for 10,000 Bells to bring you good luck.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

Katrina telling the player's fortune in City Folk

In City Folk, Katrina now has her own shop in the city. It is on the very right side of the city, near the shady area. Katrina will tell you your fortune or give you a charm. Each of these will cost 100 Bells each. They will either have a good effect or a bad one on your character.

[edit] Fortunes

Fortune Effect
Tripping Fortune When you are walking or running, your character will occasionally trip
Money Fortune When you shake a tree and a money bag falls out, instead of it being 100 Bells it will contain 300 Bells
Popularity Fortune Villagers will run up to you with an exclamation mark over their heads and initiate conversations
Gift Fortune Your chances of getting a gift from a villager will be increased
Non-Fortune No effect

[edit] Charms

Every month, you may purchase a charm from Katrina for 100 Bells. Whenever you get a charm, a visitor must come and perform that charm in order for you to get good luck. Doing it yourself does not count. You can, however, perform charm tasks for other people in their town. Here are a few examples of what Katrina may ask to do in a charm:

  • Plant a golden tree (money tree)
  • Plant 'x' amount of flowers
  • Catch 'x' fish
  • Catch 'x' bug
  • Pull 'x' weeds

After you perform a task in someone else's town (only the visitor can benefit from the charm), you will recieve good luck. Good luck can refer to:

  • Flowers not withering for 'x' amount of time
  • More unusual items appearing at Nook
  • No bees in the trees
  • Better luck catching fish or bugs

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