A Key in the player's pocket
Obtained byFishing
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: City Folk

The Key is a lost item that the player is asked to retrieve for a villager in the Animal Crossing Series. This feature only appears in the game Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Every once in a while, villagers in your town will lose their house key. When you talk to them and their key is missing, they only talk about the key and will not chat casually with you or talk to you about errands they sent you on until the key is returned to them or a day passes.

When you talk to them, they have no clue as to where their key is. They will say that they might have dropped it on the ground, in the ocean, or in the river, but it's ALWAYS in the river. All you have to do is fish for it and give it back to them once you catch it.

As odd as it may be, they appear in the rivers as a common fish silhouette (about the size of a pond smelt, possibly a little bigger) and are caught in the exact same way. Once retrieved and returned to the appropriate resident, he/she will give you one of various household items or clothing.

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