Kimbap Plate

Kimbap Plate
Countries AvailableKorea

The Kimbag is the fifty-first DLC released.


[edit] Appearance

This plate of "Kimbap", dried seaweed rolls, is a traditional plate while out on picnics in Korea. It is a small plate of Kimbap, or Sushi.

[edit] Release Date

  • South Korea from 12th to 18th April, 2010.

[edit] Letter

The letter issued to Korea reads:

Dear [player's name],

When the season of blooming flowers

and flying butterflies has come,

how about packing kimbap and going to a picnic?

Let's enjoy the relaxing of spring in the warm sunlight.

From a staff member who wants to go on a picnic.

[edit] Reason for Receiving

This item was released in South Korea, in honor of their love for Sushi. This is an early DLC released in South Korea, which proves that there will be a regular release their too.

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