La-Di-Da Day

"Hey everybody! It's La-Di-Da Day!"

La-Di-Da Day is an event that was created exclusively for Animal Crossing: Wild World. It does not make a return in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

[edit] Overview

La-Di-Da Day is a day where you can judge your villager's musical skills all by yourself.

[edit] What day does it happen?

La-Di-Da Day will happen on the second Saturday on multiple months. The catch is, you don't know when these months will be. This event will be announced on the day that it happens and you will be given a few days notice. This holiday lasts all day.

[edit] About

When you load up your game and come out of your house, Pelly will announce that it is La-Di-Da Day! You need to go and talk to all of your villagers. When you talk to one, they will ask you if you would like to hear their new tune that they have created all on their own. They will then proceed to sing if you agree to it. They will ask you what you thought of it. At this point, you can either say yes and it will become your new town tune, or you can say no and it will not. Don't rush into choosing any one song until you have heard them all, as you can always come back to the villager that you said no to and change your mind. That is all there is to this event. This holiday does no grant you any rewards, except for a brand new refreshing town tune.

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