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Labelle is a female hedgehog. She is a new addition to the Animal Crossing Series and makes her first appearance in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Job

Labelle is the store clerk at GracieGrace, a fashion shop. She is currently in charge of the store because Gracie is away on tour, flaunting her fashion abilities. Labelle is a professional, and will not follow you around the store because of it's high status. She is in charge of making sure that the sales go up and that Gracie's fame does not leave the store while she is away.

[edit] Appearance

Labelle has brown fur. Her face, arms, and legs are a vanilla cream color. Her eyelids and purple, showing that she wears make-up. The inside of her ears are pink and the bottom of her legs have brown on them. She wears a black dress that goes down to her knees and a necktie that resembles one of Gracie's patterns.

[edit] Personality

In the store, Labelle is professional and you could guess that she came from a well brought up family. However, this is not the case as it has been discovered that Labelle is really Mabel and Sable's middle sister. Sable had a big fight with Labelle after their parents died and Labelle went to the city to start her new life as a fashion designer, while Sable stayed behind with young Mabel to run the shop.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Name

Labelle's name could come from the word Label, and as being a clothes designer, her name could be inspired from the term 'designer labels'.

[edit] Other

  • Sometimes when you buy something from GracieGrace, she will have a slip of the tongue and say something like "You come back y'all!"
  • Her true name is Label

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