As would be expected, the Lazy personality entails an extremely mellow attitude regarding life which conflicts with an overactive appetite for just about anything at any point in the day. It literally takes a truckload of worries and emotion to faze a villager bearing this personality, and their ways typically rub off on other villagers, forcing them to subconsciously make friends with such a villager simply out of respect for their admirable, calming attitudes. However, a Lazy villager's overall work ethic and outlook of self-accomplishment in general is shockingly lacking and can turn away nearly any Snooty or Cranky personality who come near him/her. For this, the Lazy personality is a well-balanced set of pros and cons, hitting the bullseye on both ends of the spectrum.


[edit] List of Lazy villagers

There are about 53 lazy villagers to appear in the Animal Crossing series. Here's a list of lazy villagers alphabetically.

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