JobAuction House Manager

Lloid is a Gyroid. He is a new addition to the Animal Crossing series and appears in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

[edit] Job

Lloid's job is to run the Auction House. He will be standing right in the center of it when you enter, and if you talk to him he will tell you if the Auction House is currently taking items or if it is in bidding status. If you do not know about the Auction House, you may ask him to explain it to you. Lloid makes sure the the Auction House is running properly at all times. This is his only role in the game.

[edit] Personality

Although not revealing very much about himself, you can tell that Lloid is a very quick-paced person by the way that he talk and how he moves. When you enter the Auction House, you will find him twirling about, ready to greet you. Whenever you visit him, he treats you with true courtesy and addresses you as either "sir or "ma'am".

[edit] Appearance

Lloid is basically a beige fire hydrant with arms sticking out of him. All over his body are dark spots that are from where the clay is weaker. He does not wear any clothes. His eyes are two big black ovals that never blink. His mouth is a big black oval as well and Lloid never closes his mouth.

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