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Louie (Japanese name: マッスル, Muscle) is a Jock Gorilla villager who made appearences in the first 4 games in the Animal Crossing Series.

[edit] Personality

Louie will struggle to understand lazy villagers since they do not exercise much and eat far too much. He will not get on with Cranky and Snooty villagers but will get on with Peppy Villagers since they have the same personality. Louie's main conversations are centred around fitness and he will often criticise others' fitness around the town.

[edit] Appearance

Louie is a brown gorilla with a tan face. He looks a lot like Donkey Kong from the Mario series which features a lot within the games.

[edit] House

Louie is one of the few with no music playing in his house because he has not got a stereo. His house consists of mainly gum equipment.

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