JobClerk at Able Sisters Shop

Mabel is a hedgehog and has appeared in every single Animal Crossing game in the series.


[edit] Job

Buying an item from Mabel.

Mabel has a very important job. She is a businesswoman who works at one of the most well known buildings in your town - the Able Sister's Shop. Mabel owns this shop along with her sister, Sable. Mabel greets you every time that you enter the shop and she will tell you the prices on certain items, asks if you would like to buy them, lets you try them on, and she is the one to go to if you would like to design a pattern.

[edit] Appearance

Mabel is a blue hedgehog. Her cheeks are brown and her eyes, eyebrows, and snout are black. She has a pointy nose and her hair comes down from under her ears and is very spiky. She wears a green and white checkered apron that goes down to her knees, showing off her fashion sense.

[edit] Personality

Mabel is the more upbeat sister. She is always very kind to you when you enter the shop and is always following you around the store. Whenever you talk to Sable and she asks Mabel if she could please take care of the customer, they get in a little spat and Mabel says that she can't do everything around here, saying that she probably does more work.

[edit] Parents

When Mabel was just a very young infant, her parents died in a very tragic accident. Even though the details are not revealed by Mabel, but Sable instead, Mabel was deeply affected by the tragedy and had to learn how to grow up without a father or a mother, leaving Sable to care for her.

[edit] Labelle

It was discovered in Animal Crossing: City Folk, that after going through "episodes", which are things where you can talk to six working animals to learn more about their lives, that Labelle is actually an Able sister. She split apart from the family because of a fight after her parents died and after that, Sable grew depressed. Mabel was too young to remember, but soon learned. Now all Mabel wants to do is get the two sisters to make up.

[edit] Relationships

  • Labelle - Sister: currently not speaking to.
  • Sable - Sister: 10 years older; mother figure.

"These two cuties run a quaint fabric shop in town. Drop by Sable and Mabel's shop whenever you feel like updating your wardrobe. They'll even help you design your own clothing patterns, which you may then place on shirts, umbrellas, flags, and even the walls and floor of your own home!" - Prima Official Strategy Guide (Entry for The Able Sisters)

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