Main Street

Main Street is a place in animal crossing new leaf. It is the other side of the train tracks and is where most of the shops are. It has similar shops to the city in animal crossing let's go to the city.


[edit] Shops

At the start you will only have the museum, the Photo booth, Nook's Homes, The Post Office, Nookling Junction and the Able Sisters. The Missing Buildings are the Fortune Teller Shop, The Dream Suite, Club LOL, Shampoodle and Kicks.

[edit] Nookling Junction Shop Upgrades

1st Upgrade: The Convenience Store (T&T Mart) You must have a Built House (Give 10,000 Bells to Tom Nook to Upgrade to a house) 12,000 Bells must be spent or you'd have to buy 15 items at the previous Upgrade, (Nookling Junction in this case) It must have been 10 days since your town was created

2nd Upgrade: The Supermarket (Super T&T) You must have spent 25,000 Bells at the previous Upgrade, (T&T Mart in this case) It must be 10 days since the Gardening Shop Opened, and it must be 10 days since T&T Mart opened

3rd Upgrade: The Home Center (T.I.Y) You must have spent 50,000 Bells at the previous Upgrade, (Super T&T in this case) It must have been 21 days since Super T&T opened

4th Upgrade: The Department Store (T&T Emporium) You must have spent 100,000 Bells at the previous Upgrade, (T.I.Y in this case) It must have been 30 days since T.I.Y opened You must have passed Gracie's Fashion Check 4 times (Gracie will randomly appear in your Town Plaza after 70,000 Bells is spent at T.I.Y)

[edit] Unlockable Shops

The Gardening Shop: You must have done "greenery" things to the town. For example, you planted trees, bushes and flowers. Watered flowers with a watering can and you must have pulled 30 weeds from your town.

Kicks: You must have spent 8,000 Bells at the Able's Sisters, It must have been 10 days since you created the town

Shampoodle: You must have spent 10,000 Bells at the Able's Sisters or Kicks, it must have been 10 days since Kicks opened

Club LOL: T&T Mart must be open and you must have 100% approval rating (Development Permit) Then Dr. Shrunk will visit you house and ask if you could ask six villagers in your town to sign a petition. Once six villagers signed the petition return it to him at Main Street. (He's standing in front of the basement building next to Nook Home's)

Dream Suite: You must have been Mayor for 7 days and connected to the internet at least once. Then go to the Town Hall which you'll be seeing Isabelle sleeping, once you talk to her she'll say that Main Street needs a place like the Dream Suite then she'll add the Dream Suite as Public Works Project that you can build

QR Code Machine: You must have Spoken to Sable (the brown porcupine at the sewing machine) everyday for 7 days, then the QR Code Machine will be at the Able's Sister's shop

Fortune Teller Shop: Katrina's Tent will randomly appear in your Town Plaza, you must have had Katrina tell your Fortune 20 time. On the 20th one she'll say "Hmm, this is a wonderful town, i wonder if I should open a shop here"? Then she'll ask Isabelle and her Fortune Telling Shop will be unlocked as a Public Works Project that you can build

Happy Home Showcase: You must be living in a House and Payed off your first mortgage, talk to Tom Nook after. Then the Happy Home Showcase will open the next day

The Happy Home Academy: After you Payed off your first mortgage, talk to Tom Nook. The next time you go into Nook Homes Tom Nook will introduce Lyle and the Happy Home Academy will be inside on the left corner of the room

[edit] The Museum

In the museum you can donate fossils, bugs, fish, deep sea creatures and real art. You can also get the second floor when you have donated 20 items to the museum one of each category. Blathers will be thinking and then suggest it to you as a Public Works Project. Later on, once you donated 50 items at the Museum in total, Blathers will once again be in his "thinking mode" once you talk to him, he'll say that there is a friend that he knew and wants to build a Cafe in your town. He's name is Brewster and he would like to open the Roost Cafe, Blathers will soon add the Cafe as a Public Works Project that you can Build.

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