BirthdayDecember 31st
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtChichi Print

Marcel is a Lazy Dog Villager who made his very first and only current appearance in Animal Crossing: City Folk


[edit] Personality

Even though his commonplace facial expression should physically speak different, Marcel is a very lax and rather sluggish individual who lives to appreciatively follow the "eat, sleep, repeat" principle. That still doesn't deter this Villager's unmatched friendliness towards others(especially the Player)as well as his constantly attitude, which barely even lets the insuffrable Snooty and Cranky individuals break through. Along with his previously-stated pasttimes, Marcel also loves to get rarely active in fossil-collecting and will more often than not bring it up at the tail-end of a conversation.

[edit] Appearance

Marcel is a dark, dark green dog with a large, white face as well as white tips on the ends of his arms, legs, and tail. His entire face is set up to look like a clown's, with a large, round, orange-coloured nose, three, bright red whiskers on either side of his snout, and a large, goofy-looking, curved smile. His eyes are big and round and his eyebrows are small and cut off.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

"Marcel" is a French name, which lends one to believe that it's meant to be a reference to mimes given that is what this Villager physically resembles.

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