March (New Leaf)

March is a month in animal crossing and in real life. It is the third month of the year and the beginning of spring. There are many events in March and you will notice a few seasonal changes.

New bugs. In march more bugs are available to catch than in the winter. Common butterfly Yellow butterfly Tiger butterfly Peacock butterfly Honeybee Mantis Orchid mantis Snail Stinkbug Ladybug Tiger beetle Flea Spider

Returning bugs from the previous season Ant Mole cricket Wharf roach Pill bug

Fish In march more fish are available Killifish Clownfish Crawfish Tadpole Loach Cherry salmon Rainbow trout Guppy Nibble fish Neon tetra Sea horse Butterfly fish Zebra turkey fish Barred knifejaw Dab Squid

Fish returning from the previous season Pale chub Crucial carp Dace Barbel steed Carp Koi Goldfish Pop eyed goldfish Bluegill Black bass

Sea bass

Dab Olive flounder Oarfish

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