Where?City (ACCF)
When?10:00am until 11:00pm
What does it sell?Comedy and emotions

The Marquee is a theater business located in the City of Animal Crossing: City Folk. It can be found between GracieGrace and the ABD Machine.


[edit] What do you do here?

This is the place where you can learn emotions in Animal Crossing: City Folk, instead of having Dr. Shrunk wonder around your town. There are 29 emotions that are possible to learn, the same number of emotions that you could learn in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

[edit] Hours

10:00am until 11:00pm

Monday - Sunday

[edit] Clerk

When you first enter the Marquee, you will be taken to a hall where you must buy your tickets for the show. There are two entrances to the stage. A clerk at the window will ask you if you would like to see a show when you click "A" on the booth. The price of one show is 800 Bells. You get a choice of four emotions to view. Whichever one you choose is the emotion that you will be learning. The emotions you can view change every Sunday.

If you try to enter without paying, the clerk will stop you and tell you that you need to buy a ticket.

[edit] Stage

You may now make your way to the stage. You can choose any seat that you would like. There are two rows to choose from. Sometimes, one or two animals will be sitting and viewing the show along with you. After you sit down, the show will finally start and either Frillard or Dr. Shrunk will appear on stage and perform. Dr. Shrunk will tend to be not so popular with the crows, while Frillard will be the opposite.

[edit] Learning the Emotion

After the short show, the emotion that you choose will now be available to use. The game will ask you if you would like to learn it. The maximum number of emotions that you can have is four. If you already have four, you will asked if you want to swap one emotion for another or if you would rather not learn the emotion that you chose to view.

[edit] Secret Room Rumor

According to the animals in the city, there is a secret room above the Marquee where performers wait. However, this is just the animals gossiping. It is just like how they say that you could fish coins out of the fountain in the middle of the city. It is not true.

[edit] Marquee Rumor

The Rumor of the secret Marquee room is true, however you may only enter it if you have caught every bug and fish and you have to have a golden rod a golden net and a golden axe with you. You can enter this room at 12:00 pm. When you enter, you will meet Dr. Shrunk and Frillard! - Tristan Mullins

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