Master Frillard

Master Frillard

Master Frillard (Japanese name: きょしょー, Kyosho) is a senior-aged comedian who made his very first appearance at the Marquee of Animal Crossing: City Folk, performing Emotion-based comedy routines in place of Dr. Shrunk on very seldom occasions.


[edit] Personality

Master Frillard is a modest yet strong old lizard with an extended knowledge of Emotions, being able to teach six more than even Dr. Shrunk himself is aware of. He has seen much in his long lifetime and always ends up telling rather simple yet drawn-out stories of his many past experiences. There have been rumours floating around that Master Frillard was actually Dr. Shrunk's mentor at one point, but this has yet to be openly proven.

[edit] Appearance

Master Frillard is a short, yellowish-brown frilled-lizard with darker brown spots covering the large frill of extended skin around his head and neck. He has large, sunken eyes covered by large, snow-white eyebrows. He also has a small white moustache with halves that are spaced far across both ends of his mouth and under his nose(which, from certain perspectives, gives Frillard the slight appearance of the average catfish). He wears a bright purple dress coat covered in blue square patterns and a neon green dress shirt underneath. He always carries a cane along with him wherever he goes.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

In the very first Animal Crossing installment in which Master Frillard was introduced, he only appears in the Marquee on rare occasion and teaches special Emotions which can only be learned through him. These Emotions are as follows:

[edit] Name

His name is taken from the name of species that he is, Frill-necked Lizard.

[edit] Relationships

Dr. Shrunk » Co-worker & possible student.

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