May is one of the months of the year which has always been included in the entire Animal Crossing Series. It is during Spring.


[edit] Events

[edit] List of Events in May

Event Day Game
Flea Market Last Sunday of the Month.
Fishing Tournament Third Sunday (AC:WW), third Saturday (AC:CF), 18th (AC:NL)
La-Di-Da Day Second Saturday.
Mother's Day Second Sunday
Spring Cleaning 1st May
Yay Day Fourth Sunday.

[edit] Birthdays

[edit] List of villager's birthdays in May

Villager Day
Clyde 1st
Mint 2nd
Tank 6th
Bunnie 9th
Patty 10th
Biskit 13th
Pekoe 13th
Peggy 23rd
Derwin 25th
Del 27th
Purrl 29th
Brittany 30th

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