Mayor's Flag

Mayor's Flag
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Countries AvailableNorth America

The Mayor's Flag is the fifteenth item that Nintendo has released as DLC.


[edit] Appearance

The Mayor's Flag is a design. On it is the face of our beloved mayor, Tortimer. The pattern is his full face. He has a part of his top hat that he normally wears on top of the pattern, two straight eyebrows, serious eyes, his spectacles, and a straight face. Most players choose to place the Mayor's Flag near their town gate.

[edit] Release Date

North America - June 14th - 21st, 2009

[edit] Letter

There is no letter for this DLC because Wendell the Walrus drops of this DLC to the player in person. He will call you over to him and ask if you would like one of his patterns. You will need to overwrite another pattern in order to receive the flag. After his job is done, he will wander around for a little while and then finally disappear.

[edit] Reason for Receiving

This item was released to celebrate Flag Day, which is the holiday that North Americans celebrate the day they adopted the American flag.

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