Buying Price500 Bells
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: New Leaf

The Megaphone is an tool introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The Megaphone, when used by the action "A", allows the player to use voice control to call to a nearby neighbor or special character. Voicing the name(s) clearly into the mic will provide a response from said neighbor or special character if they are presently roaming outside your town when you call. A speech bubble will indicate the location in which they are, making locating neighbors and special characters much easier than in past games. The Megaphone is particularly handy when trying to confirm whether or not a special character is in your town; a quick "call" to them using the Megaphone will provide the answer. In addition, when on the beach, the Megaphone can be used to instantly awaken Gulliver from his sleep. If the player does not readily have a Megaphone available, speaking to Gulliver thrice will trigger him to wake up.

[edit] Obtaining

The Megaphone is obtained by purchasing it at a one of the Nookling Stores for 500 bells.

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