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In Animal Crossing: City Folk, you have seven menus that benefit you by making them easily accessible to anything that you want to look at such as a town map or what bugs or fish that you have caught in the game so far. To access these menus, you can either point your Wiimote at the bottom of the screen and the seven menus with icons stating what they are should appear. Just hover over and press A on whichever one you want to see. Alternatively, you could use the + and - buttons to scroll from menu to menu until you arrive at the one you wanted. Here is a rundown on all of the menu buttons:


[edit] Pockets

This is probably one of the most important menu in this game. The pocket menu holds your Bells that you accumulate, your letters that you receive, and any items (such as furniture, flowers, etc.) that you happen to pick up. You can pick up things by pressing B. From here, you may also dress your character and remove any accessories and equipment that they are wearing. The pocket menu is the first menu from the left, the one with the little briefcase.

[edit] Designs

The little pencil icon is the one that will bring up all of that patterns that you are carrying with you. By selecting any eight of the designs, you will have to option to place them on the floor as mats, wear them as a hat, wear one of your clothing designs, or use one as an umbrella. It will also show your Mii Mask if you are wearing one, giving you the option to destory it if you would like. You can create patterns at the Able Sisters shop.

[edit] Bugs and Fish

When you click on the icon that has a book on it, you have officially opened the Bugs and Fish menu. In this menu, you can see what fish/bugs you have caught and little tidbits of information about them. At the top of the page is a bug symbol and a fish symbol. Click on which one depending on what you want to check out.

[edit] Photos

Say "Animal Crossing!". If you want to take a picture in Animal Crossing: City Folk, then all you have to do is pose and press 1 on the Wiimote and you have a picture ready to view. Click the camera icon to open up the Photos menu where you can examine your shot. Your camera only holds one picture at a time, so if you take another it will override the previous one. If you have an SD Card inserted in your Wii, you may save them to it.

[edit] Friends

The icon with the heart on it is the Friends Menu. This is where you go to add friends, remove friends, or edit their information to your liking. You will see a register friend button at that bottom. That's where you get started. Fill in your friends name, town, and friend code and you are set to have fun with them online! A heart will appear if you have visted one another. Although if you both have each other on your friend roster, but not visted each other, it will be an outline of a heart. If it's blank it means the other person has not added you yet, or you have got their information wrong.

[edit] Keyboard

The keyboard is back again - this time for good. Click on the speech bubble icon and the keyboard will pop up. You can write whatever you like by using the Wiimote and pointing at the letters, or you can use a USB keyboard to type whatever you would like to say. What you typed will end up over your character's head as a word bubble. This is how you communicate with your friends online if you don't have WiiSpeak.

[edit] Map

Clicking on the house icon will reward you with the map menu. This will show where all important places are located; such as the Town Hall, the Museum, Nook's, Able Sister's Shop, the town gate, your house, and your neighbors' houses. Click on anything on the map and it will highlight what it is on the right side of your screen in words. Everytime you create a new town, it is determined how it will look randomly. You start with all the major shops and six neighbors.

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