Scientific NameUnknown
AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
LocationFlying freely through the air.
Date AvailabilityJune - September
Time Availability5pm - 4am
Sales Price130 Bells

The Mosquito is one of the three catchable bugs available in this game which can actually bite your character.


[edit] How to Catch

As one of the smallest bugs featured in this series, the Mosquito is a pretty easy catch to miss. There are a couple ways to be sure of their presence: you'll hear a light whizzing sound and you'll more than likely be unwillingly bit(in which your character turns to their screen and say "I got bit by a Mosquito! itchy!". After these alerts have been experienced, it's all basic procedure by use of your Net from there.

[edit] Player

This is what your player says when you catch a Mosquito:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

I caught a mosquito! Give me my blood back!...I gave at work.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

I caught a mosquito! It's like a tiny vampire...

[edit] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

[edit] Menu

When looking at the Mosquito in the bug menu it will say this:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

They drink blood because it's like flower nectar.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

These prefer type-O blood-- its chemical structure is close to flower nectar.

[edit] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

[edit] Museum

If you donate this bug to the Museum, Blathers will say this:

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

I don't begrudge mosquitos the blood, for all creatures must survive, eh wot? But why, oh WHY must their little nibbles itch so much? They're maddening! Hoo... Then again, who am I to question the infinite web of nature, wot wot?

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

...Hoo, yes, are you aware that mosquitos serve as a vital source of information for the academic world? Indeed, many germs live inside of mosquitos and use them to travel across the entire globe. By understanding the living hosts to these germs, scientists may develop new treatments, eh wot?

[edit] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

[edit] Real Life

In real life, the Mosquito is one of the most common and hated pests in the entire world. They go through the average "egg, larva, pupa, adult" stages throughout their life and lay their eggs in wet or marshy areas. Surprisingly enough, only the female mosquitoes suck blood while the male serves the purpose of protecting the eggs.

The message after the player gets bitten by a Mosquito

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