Mr. Resetti

Mr. Resetti
JobTo make sure you save your game

Mr. Resetti (Japanese name: リセットさん, Mr. Reset) is a mole and has made an appearance in all three games of the Animal Crossing Series. His main job is to stress the importance of saving your game. He is the brother of Don Resetti.


[edit] Greeting

When you first purchase your game, Mr. Resetti will will appear and thank you for buying the game. He will then go on to explain how important it is to save your game after you play, and to NEVER EVER touch that reset button! You will find yourself in deep trouble by him if you do.

[edit] Appearance

Mr. Resetti is a chubby mole who has a big nose, accompanying his big eyebrows. When he pops out of the ground, he wields his trusty pickax that he uses to dig tunnels underground with. He is often wearing a construction hat with a light on the top of it to guide him through the dark tunnels. Mr. Resetti is a simple man, so he dresses in a plain white shirt and blue overalls. You will never see his feet in Animal Crossing GC or Animal: Crossing Wild: World.

[edit] Personality

Mr. Resetti is a grumpy mole when you meet him for resetting your game. If you meet him in his Surveillance Center, he will also be very cross with you for sneaking in. However, he is not all bad. When you meet him in The Roost and see him drinking a cup of coffee, he will be very calm, cool, and collected.

[edit] Job

Mr. Resetti's job in all of the Animal Crossing games is to make sure that you never reset your game. If you do, you will lose all of the progress that you made during that gameplay. After you reset and open the game again, he will emerge out of the ground right near your house and give you a very long lecture that often lasts for several minutes. He will be angry and aggravated, leaving you feeling the same way.

[edit] Name

Mr. Resetti's first name is Sonny. His name was revealed in Animal Crossing and mentioned again in Animal Crossing: City Folk. His last name is supposedly means Reset. His last name suits his character's role, considering that he appears and warns the player everytime they reset.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Resetti Surveillance Center

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, this is Mr. Resetti's current residence. When you enter it, you will see signs of Mr. Resetti's laziness. There will be pizza boxes and cans of sodas scattered around.

[edit] Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Mr. Resetti as portrayed in Animal Crossing: 3DS

In this game, Mr. Resetti appears as his usual, angry self if the player does not save the game properly. You can buy the reset center as a public works project, that brings Mr. Resetti back and angry as ever! Although Don Resetti and the others aren't in New leaf, Mr. Resetti is still fun, dont you think?

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