New Year's Celebration

The New Year is a a holiday in Animal Crossing that has two parts to it - one happens on New Year's Eve called the countdown and the other part, called the celebration, happens on New Year's Day. All of the villagers will be celebrating the New Year with you. This event is included in all of the Animal Crossing games.


[edit] Animal Crossing


Wow, a whole year! Where did the time go?

[edit] When does this happen?

  • Date: January 1st
  • Time: 6:00 am to 11:00 am

[edit] What do I do?

During New Year's Eve, there is a whole lot to do except your normal activities. There isn't a countdown or anything. Instead, the real event starts the the next day, and it ends at 11:00am! Make sure that you get enough sleep and the next day, head on over to the wishing well. Tortimer, your favorite mayor, will be standing there, just itching for you to talk to him. Upon telling you how ecstatic he is for the new year and giving you advice, he will also present you with a brand new diary. You may also notice that Katrina has her tent set up as well. You can try out what she calls her sunshine lottery game. This is your only chance to win the rare Fortune Paper. Talking to your neighbors around town will result in them telling you how much they love this holiday.

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World


Whoo, another year!

[edit] When is it happening?

  • Date: December 31st - January 1st
  • Time: 6:00am - 12:00am the next night

[edit] What's there to do?

This time, the festivity will begin at night. Pelly will announce that the New Year's Countdown has begun! Go to the Town Hall plaza and look there will be a big countdown board counting the very seconds until it is officially the New Year! You can talk to Tortimer, right by the countdown board, and talk to him. He will still give you his advice, but this time you can grab a party popper from him. You can keep going back to Tortimer for multiple party poppers until 12:00am. Once the clock strikes 12:00am and the countdown is over, look at the top of your DS screen. Fireworks will start to parade the top of your screen! Talk to your villagers who are equally excited -- this is a time to celebrate! Also, don't forget you can bring friends over the share the fun with.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk


Where has the time gone?

[edit] What's the date?

  • Date: December 31st - January 1st
  • Time: 6:00am - 12:00am the next night

[edit] What happens?

A few things have changed since Wild World. The festivities will still start late at night on December 31st, and Tom Nook will announce over the tannoy (lucky) that it is New Year's Eve when you start the game. The countdown board will be near the Town Hall plaza all day, counting down the hours until the big day. Tortimer will be near the countdown board, so go ahead and give him a chat. After his rather long talk, he will give you a party popper to celebrate with! You can do this over and over again until the clock strike 12:00am. When it is New Year's Day, the fireworks will start to pop and explode in the sky. You can press the up button on the directional pad to have a better view of them. On New Year's Day, after noon, you may talk to Tortimer to receive your very own New Year's shirt. There is a different one every years, making use of real time game play.

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