Nintendo Items Set

Nintendo Items Set
Total Cost20,000 Bells
Total Sell Price5,000 Bells

The Nintendo Items Set is a very special set. The items are from Nintendo games such as Mario Kart, Metroid, Zelda, and other various games. Most of these items are only obtainable by accumulating the correct amount of Shopping Points at Nook's Store. They make for an interesting sight to see.

[edit] Item List

Name Price Selling Price Available
Yoshi's Egg Not for sale N/A Shopping Points
Banana Not for sale N/A Shopping Points
Triple Shells Not for sale N/A Shopping Points
Kart Not for sale N/A Shopping Points
Master Sword (Lucky Item) 2,800 Bells 700 Bells Tom Nook's Store (Spotlight Item)
Arwing (Lucky Item) 7,200 Bells 1,800 Bells Tom Nook's Shop (Spotlight Item)
Triforce (Lucky Item) 10,000 Bells 2,500 Bells Redd's Shop
Blue Falcon Not for sale N/A Hacked
Metroid Not for sale N/A Gulliver

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