Nook's Homes

Nook's Homes is a real estate agency that is ran by Tom Nook. Inside it features roofs, doors, fences, mailboxes which are for sale to customize the outside of the player's home. When you pay off your mortgage at the ABD the player will have to go to Nook's Homes and talk to Tom Nook to upgrade your home.

[edit] Different Exteriors

On the Far right you'll see a miniature model of a house. You will be able to customize the exterior of your house into 4 different forms. The Zen Castle (Japanese Style Castle), The Western Castle (Fairy-Tale Castle), The Modern House (Apartment Building) and The Mansion (Default Look). You will be able to do this when you have a fully Upgraded House (Not including the Basement, the Back Room and More expansions of the Right and Left Rooms

[edit] The HHA

Once you have payed off your first home loan, the next time you pop by the store Lyle will be there. He will start to grade your home.

[edit] Tortimer Island

Once you have payed off your next home loan, Tortimer will appear on the screen when you start up your game the following day. Meet him at the dock and he will tell you all about the island. The following day kapp'n will be down at the dock with his boat.

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