Nook N' Go

Nook N' Go is the first expansion of the local Town shop, run by Tom Nook. To get Nook N' Go, Nook's Cranny must be open for at least 8 days, and the total amount of bells spent from all players must be at least 30,000. Nook N' Go has the longest running hours, so it's great if you can only play at night, or early mornings. Nook N' Go has room for 3 items of furniture, 3 tools, 1 paint, 1 carpet, and 1 wall. It also has room for 1 medicine, 2 paper packs, and 3 flower seeds.


  1. Great hours(7 am to 1 am)
  2. 2 turnip prices a day(One before and after noon)
  3. Better selection than Nook's Cranny
  4. Able to purchase Silver Fishing Rod and Net (See Tools)


  1. Not much selection
  2. Low quantity of specific types of items. (Ex: Flowers, tools, etc.)

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