This is the fourth and final incarnation of Tom Nook's Item Shop which can only be attained after you've spent a total of 240,000 Bells on products at this particular business(during it's Nookway upgrade).

[edit] Description

This store's outer appearance takes after something typical to a ritzy clothing or jewelery store, yet sells neither one of these types of products. It is the only Nook expansion to boast a second floor allowing a much larger inventory to be set up for your shopping convenience. Another interesting feature is the addition of Nook's apparent nephews known as Timmy and Tommy. Although they are odd and slightly creepy to some, they are an essential addition to this final shop renovation in tending to sales made on the second floor while Nook takes care of purchases on the first.

The first floor contains tools, Flower Seeds, Trees, and themed Letter Stationary. The second floor contains a random assortment of furniture and other home-applicable decor such as Wallpaper, Rugs, and different colours of Paint for your roof.

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