The Observatory is located upstairs in the Museum. It is run by an owl named Celeste, who is Blathers's younger sister.


[edit] Observatory Layout

When you first walk up the stairs to the Observatory, you will notice that it is a small, round room with not much to it. In the corner is a desk with a chair, probably used when Celeste needs to study her astronomy. There will also be a microscope stand and bookcases crammed into the room. Most important of all, there will be a big microscope looking out of the window.

[edit] Telescope

Creating a constellation.

When you walk up to the telescope, press A to discover that it will allow you to do two things with it:

  • Create a Constellation
  • Stargaze

[edit] Create a Constellation

Celeste telling you when you will be able to see your constellation!

If you choose to create a constellation, you will be taken to a screen where you can connect stars to each other. This will create a line between them where you can see how your constellation looks. You may only connect sixteen lines to stars, and after that it will not allow you to connect anymore. When you are finished, you can press done in the bottom corner of the screen and Celeste will ask you what you would like to name your constellation. After you type in the name of it, Celeste will tell you a date where it can be best viewed in the sky.

[edit] Stargazing

Look through the microscope and choose the option to stargaze. When you are doing this, you will simply be able to scroll through the stars and see which constellations that you have made so far. It is a better view of what you would normally see.

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