Catchphrase"I s'pose"
AppearancesAnimal Forest e+
Animal Crossing (GCN)
Original ShirtMoldy Shirt

Otis (Japanese name: たくあん, Takuan) is a Lazy, Bird Villager who made his first and only current appearance(s) in both Animal Forest e+[JPN] and Animal Crossing (GCN)[NA].


[edit] Personality

Otis, despite being a bird, carries many more qualities of the average pig than anything else! Besides completely dwelling on the aspect of food on a daily basis, this Lazy Villager clocks more regular hours of sleep than should be naturally recommended. The latter trait alone is enough to rub any Jock that Otis happens to come across the wrong way, but he can even on occasion shoo away fellow Lazy residents with his potent habits. The only foreign personality that occasionally hangs around Otis is Cranky, given that these Villagers encourage the air of laid-back attitude that he consistently advertises.

[edit] Appearance

Otis is a greyish-blue bird with a thick, indigo stripe running vertically down the center of his face and two large, round, fluffy, white eyebrows. Along with his yellow beak, Otis has a rather large patch of burnt orange resting around his chin area. The Moldy Shirt that this Villager willingly decided to wear beautifully completes his Lazy ensemble.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

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