Overlapped Hacked DownLoadable Content

On the side with Hacked Downloadable Content (HDLC), there are items that hackers in Animal Crossing: City Folk can only have ONCE. Overlapped hacked downloadable content, from recent information, include only items on the form of an axe. As of now, there are six items, but it s unknown if the items are tradeable over WiFi or purchasable in the catalog at Tom Nook's Store. There are currently 6 confirmed DLC items.

[edit] How Do I Obtain Them?

We do not know for sure if these are able to be obtained by a non-hacker at all but it is known for hackers to actually have one.

[edit] Releases

Item Item
BigAxe1 BigAxe2
Big Green Crayon Big Red Crayon
Guitar Lame Katana sword
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