Paint is an extremely helpful detail that will help you out a lot if you don't like the color of your roof.

[edit] Availability and Cost

Paint is available after you upgrade from Nook's Cranny. The most paint cans that there will ever be in Nook's is one. If you don't like the color in the store, come back the next day to find that there will be a different one on display. The cost of one paint can is 980 Bells. There are 12 different colors.

[edit] Nook

Once you buy a paint can, you do not get to keep it as an item for yourself. Nook and his team will come to your house overnight and paint your house for you. What a pal!

[edit] Item List

Color Cost
Red 980 Bells
Blue 980 Bells
Orange 980 Bells
Purple 980 Bells
Yellow 980 Bells
Pink 980 Bells
Green 980 Bells
Aqua 980 Bells
Pea Green 980 Bells
Brown 980 Bells
Black 980 Bells
White 980 Bells

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