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Pelly is a character who has appeared in all of the Animal Crossing games. She has always worked the day shift at your town's Town Hall.


[edit] About

Pelly is a pelican who works at Town Hall during the day shift, from 6:00am until 6:00pm. At night, she switches jobs with her sister Phyllis. Pelly and Phyllis are practically the exact opposite of each other. She may also have a relationship with Pete the Pelican who delivers mail in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: Wild World who admits to having a connection with both Pelly and Phyllis.

[edit] Personality

Pelly is very optimistic and is always in a good mood. Unlike her sister, she never whispers rude comments under her breath. Pelly will always say thank you and sorry and will tend to be in an optimistic mood. Pelly shows genuine concern for you in the beginning of your journey and tells you to come to her at any time if you ever need any help at all. She will eagerly take any donations you may have for the town.

[edit] Job

Pelly's job is to run the Civic Center and the Post Office in the Town Hall. She is very efficient in her work and is always ready to help you out if you happen to ask her a question or use one of the Town Hall's services. Some of these services include sending letters, changing the town tune and making the town announcements on the town tannoy whenever she feels like being heard. She says announcing is nerve wracking. Pelly is also the person that writes on the bulletin board about stuff such as birthdays and events and even sometimes, just her own thoughts.

[edit] Appearance

Pelly is a very cute looking pelican. She is all white and her cheeks are accompanied with rosy red cheeks and a big orange bill. Pelly's arms look like wings. She wears a shirt that alternates between pink and purple. The shirt also has puffy white sleeves and a big white bow tie in the centre.

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