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This article pertains to Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Perfect Town status is the pinnacle of town beauty. It consists of having the right number of trees and flowers in each 16x16 square in your town. These 16x16 squares are called acres.


[edit] Specifications

Acres are 16x16 spaces, including borders. Use patterns to map each acre on the ground. Remember to include the border in your mapping. Each acre has a border, so in between acres, you should place two pattern rows. You can also use a shovel, but holes disappear when you save. If you don't think you can make the perfect town before your next save, use patterns.

Each acre must include:

  • 12 to 16 trees
  • 6 to 10 flowers. 3 to 4 grow daily. Try to place them where needed.
  • No weeds. 3 to 4 grow daily, so try to pick them all.
  • Try not to have items on the ground, excluding seashells. Each flower neutralizes one item, but doesn't count towards your flower count.
  • Water flowers daily. You don't want them to wilt. Wilted flowers don't count towards your town's status.

The Windmill or Lighthouse also helps you reach Perfect Town status. To get it, you must first donate $200,000 to get the new bridge, $500,000 to get the fountain, and then $1,000,000 to get either the Windmill or Lighthouse. The Windmill attracts more bugs to your town, and the Lighthouse attracts more fish. You cannot have both.

[edit] Messages from the Civic Center

When you visit the Civic Center in the Town Hall and ask about the environment, Pelly or Phyllis will read a comment about your town. There are five of them, each pertaining to a level of status in your town.

The Pits:

"This place is the pits! Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong! There's not a single thing I like in this town!"


"I'm not sure what good it will do to write this, but... Could you try to be a bit more thoughtful about your town? Because at this rate..."


"Hmm... it's not a passing grade, but it's not a failing grade either. I'd give it a D plus. Maybe a C minus on a good day."


"This town is fantastic! But even so, it still seems to be missing something."


"Fantastic! [Town Name] is in great shape right now! Yep, it's pretty sweeeeet!"

[edit] Pelly and Phyllis Comments:


Hmm... You know, I think the problem is there are those gross flowers that keep showing up. You really have to work daily to prevent eyesores like that from sprouting.
Get rid of Rafflesia flower

Hmm... I guess my hunch was right. All those weeds around town are really stirring everone up.
Remove weeds

Hmm... It sounds to me like the problem is all the garbage lying around.
Ger rid of garbage

Hmm... It sounds like the problem is that there's too much stuff on the ground.
Pick up items

Hmm... Yes, it seems this problem might be a result of having too many trees in some areas.
Chop down excess trees

Hmm... Maybe people are sending in these comments because there's not enough greenery in some areas.
Plant more trees and/or flowers in afflicted acres

Everyone's got to work together so we can make [Town Name] shine. Make sure to do your part.
Plant flowers in afflicted acres

I feel like the luckiest pelican in the world to be able to work in a wonderful town like [Town Name].
Perfect. Keep this rating for 15 days for the Golden Watering Can.

Let's hope [Town Name] stays a great place to live for years to come.
Perfect. Golden Can received.


There must be a flower that smells terrible somewhere in town. Well, if that's the problem, maybe they should stop planting them! (Come on, genius!)
Ger rid of Rafflesia flower

It must be because of the weed problem in town... (Talk about disgusting!)
Remove weeds

It's because there's so much garbage cluttering up the town! (Ugh, how gross!)
Remove garbage

I guess there's just too much stuff lying around town.
Pick up items

Maybe it's because of all the trees around town... (What am I, a scientist?)
Chop down excess trees

Problem is, some areas just don't have enough trees. TREES! I said TREES! (Try listening for once!)
Plant more trees

I don't know about you, but I'd sure rather live in a nice place than a bad place.
Plant more flowers in afflicted acres

Well, isn't living here better than you expected? (...Or maybe not.)
Perfect. Maintain for 15 days to get the Golden Watering Can.

[edit] Golden Watering Can

To get the Golden Watering Can, maintain your Perfect Town Status for 15 days, then go talk to Pelly or Phyllis in the Town Hall Civic Center to claim it. This can has a larger watering radius, and can water a 3x3 area with one action. Also can be used to get Golden Roses by watering wilted Black Roses. See Flower/Hybrids.

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