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Phyllis (Japanese name: ぺりみ, Pelimi) is the pelican who works at the Town Hall and has the night shift, lasting from 7:00pm until 5:00am. Phyllis is clearly not happy with her dull job. She has appeared in every Animal Crossing game.


[edit] Personality

Phyllis, being rude to the player

Phyllis is rude to customers, but that may have to do with the fact that she hates her job. Phyllis will often mutter comments under her breath about her job. Whenever you speak to the animals in town about her, they say that even though she may come off a bit strong at times, she is one of the best workers that this town has ever seen. When you talk to her at the Cafe, she often seems depressed about things unknown to anyone but herself.

[edit] Job

Phyllis's job is to man the Post Office and the Civic Center in the Town Hall. If you have any queries, feel free to ask her. She will perform the normal tasks that the Town Hall has to offer, such as donating to the town and sending mail to your friends. But be warned, you won't be feeling very cheery afterward. She works a total of nine hours and it is often speculated she rarely gets any sleep at all.

[edit] Appearance

Phyllis is a purple pelican. She has dark red cheeks and wears an abundance of make-up. You can see that this is true by looking at her eyes and her beak. The tips of her beak are marked with red lipstick and her eyelids are a darker purple, probably the result of using eye shadow. She wears a maroon colored shirt with white sleeves and a white bow complimented with a matching black skirt. The tips of her wings are white.

[edit] Relationships

  • Phyllis is the older sister of another pelican that works in the town hall named Pelly. They seem to get on, but they barely ever get to see each other, except when they shift from job to job.
  • Pete the Pelican is in love with Pelly in Animal Crossing: City Folk and when you talk to him, he laughs when he says Pelly said goodbye to him and also talks about the smell of her perfume.

[edit] Trivia

  • You can see Phyllis in the Cafe between 9pm-10pm.

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