AppearencesAnimal Forest e+
Original ShirtUnknown
House MusicSoulful K.K.

Pierre is a villager in Animal Crossing who only appeared in the game Animal Crossing e+.


[edit] Appearance

Pierre is a white cat with marking along his face. His lips are longer than most other villagers and stripes surround his wrists and ankles.

Pierre has a small bit of blonde hair and orange fur around his ears.

[edit] Personality

Like other Lazy villagers, Pierre will find difficulty in cooperating with those that define themselves to be Jocks. Pierre has a distinct taste for lounging about as opposed to exercising and activities. This laziness is usually accompanied with a longing for food and Pierre will confide theses desires to you, the Player.

[edit] House

  • Dice stereo that plays Soulful K.K.
  • lunar horizon wallpaper
  • playroom rug

[edit] Name

Pierre is the french equivalent to Peter.

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