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Pigleg (Japanese name: バチコーメ, Bachikome) is a Cranky Pig Villager who has appeared as an exclusive Island resident in both the original Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+.


[edit] Personality

As a Cranky villager, Pigleg often talks down to others and is constantly found complaining about something be it related to him personally or not. Regardless of his naturally energetic appearance given his pirate persona, these traits hold true regardless. He can relate to Snooty villagers given their matching penchant for complaining in unecessary situations and particular preferences regarding life, the Lazy villagers come by him well due to their slow, simple and quiet lifestyle, but he simply cannot stand the Peppy and Jock villager's overflowing energy and spirit constantly disturbing his well-earned relaxation time.

[edit] Appearance

Pigleg is on the border between peach/flesh colour and bright pink regarding his skin. He is one of the much more noticable and comical residents as he adorns a dark brown muzzle beard and a bright white eyepatch over his left eye. Further pursuing of the pirate look is evident in the red bandana he wears on his head. He is usually smiling and has a calming look to his left visible eye, which can cause him to sometimes become related to the Lazy personality, something he takes serious offense to.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

Pigleg's name is a clever, well-placed mix of two separate puns: pig(which is his respective species), and "leg"(which is part of a play on the word "pegleg", something stereotypical media pirates have in place of an actual leg).

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