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Porter (Japanese name: えきいんさん, Station Worker) is the Monkey porter who appears in Animal Forest, Animal Forest e+ and Animal Crossing. He has made no further appearances in the series but hosts a similarity in Champ. Porter is set to make a return in Animal Crossing (3DS)

[edit] Job

Porter takes pride in his job, he is a porter in the train station and greets visitors coming on and off the train. He is a very cheery character.

[edit] Appearance

Porter is a brown and cream monkey who always wears a happy smile on his face. Inside his ears are red and he has a long brown tail with cream feet. He also wears a matching Porter's uniform which is navy with gold and red trimmings. He wears a hat similar to this.

[edit] Trivia

  • Porter will get mentioned by the Lazy villagers in Animal Crossing: Wild World, they will recall him and say that he was the coolest monkey that ever worked there.
  • Many fans believed that Champ and Porter are related, though this rumour has not been proven.
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