The present is a reoccuring item in the Animal Crossing Series. The item is mostly used when you are given a present via mail, but in some cases the present can be used for delivery.


[edit] Animal Crossing

Every once in a while, you will see a present floating around your town. There is no way to grab it or shoot it down with anything. You have to hope that it will fall in a tree and if it does, you can shake the present down from the tree and retrieve it.

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

Receiving Gifts you can receive gifts on your birthday, from Friends when the come up to you, after you have a Friend over you get gifts, doing jobs, events (Winning a tourney, etc) or special events, a downloadable and mailing or giving a gift to someone. Some people even give bells.

An easy way of getting items is by mailing someone a pitfall seed and you receive a better object back. You can also get in bottle mail.

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

[edit] Red Present

In Animal Crossing: City Folk presents make a return as the usual item to receive gifts, but a new feature has been introduced making use of Wifi. This new feature allows you to send gifts to friends in other towns as long as you have been in their town, or vice versa, at least one time. To send an item simply visit Pelly or Phyllis at the Town Hall mail area and choose to send a gift to a friend out of town. They will warn you however, sometimes items will get lost and not make it to your friend.

[edit] Green Present

Present Green.png
Also returning is the Green Present, a present simply recolored. This type of present is only received by special means, the first being Nook at the beginning of the game. He will give you these types of presents to give to villagers during the tutorial. The other way to receive this present after the tutorial is by getting the job of delivering the item from one villager to another. However, be warned, if you open the present to check what is inside you will be punished.

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