BirthdayJuly 21st
AppearancesAnimal Forest e+
Animal Crossing (GCN)
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Original ShirtYellow Bar Shirt

Prince (Japanese name: カール, Carl) is a Lazy Frog Villager who made his earliest appearances in Animal Forest e+[JPN]/Animal Crossing (GCN)[NA], making a much later reappearance in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Personality

Prince is a natural-born loafer with an innate sense for sleeping most of every day away. There is little he aspires to besides working towards being a comic book buff, frequently bringing up superheroes and the like in conversation whenever the chance arises(or not). Prince is quite the friendly individual once the Player gets to know him, proving to be quite kind and hospitable even in the worst of times. Despite this truth, Snooty and Cranky Villagers simply cannot(and WILL not)stand for his sloppy lifestyle and gratingly incompatible traits.

[edit] Appearance

Prince is a bright green-coloured frog with a beige-coloured mouth and a thick, dark green outline bordering that area. Along with the top portion of his face, Prince's arms and legs are also bright green. He has large, childlike eyes and a twisted expression in his mouth that looks as though he just ate something sour.

[edit] House

[edit] Name Meaning

The name "Prince" could be a nod to the classic fairytale: The Princess and the Frog, which involves a prince that had been turned into a frog.

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