Ranch Series

Ranch Series
Ranch Series.jpg
Total Cost25,130 Bells
Total Sell Price6,283 Bells

The Ranch Series is based on exactly what it implies, a ranch. The body of most of the furniture is a light brown wood and pale maroons and navies. The floor is a pale green wood and the wallpaper is white with green molding and a print of a lead and a sun. Most of the items, like most series, can be bought at Nook's, a couple exist only at Redd's, and one can only be bought from a Nook special day.

Furniture Cost Shop
Ranch Armchair 2000 Nook
Ranch Bed 2300 Nook
Ranch Bookcase 2000 Nook
Ranch Chair 1400 Redd
Ranch Couch 2400 Nook
Ranch Dresser 2720 Redd
Ranch Flooring 1750 Nook
Ranch Hutch 2560 Nook Spotlight
Ranch Table 1700 Nook
Ranch Tea Table 1800 Nook
Ranch Wall 1450 Nook
Ranch Wardrobe 3050 Nook

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