Re-Tail (R.Parkers)
Player standing outside R.Parkers in the Japanese version
ServicesShop, Recyclables, Furniture
WorkersReese(リサ, Lisa), Cyrus(カイゾー Kaizō)
LocationTown (varies)
Hours9AM to 11PM
6AM to 11PM (Early Bird)
9AM to 2AM (Night Owl)

Re-Tail (R.Parkers in the Japanese version) is a new shop introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf which is featured on the cover art. It is an original shop available from the start and housed in the main village (as opposed to Main Street). It run by two alpacas, Reese and Cyrus who specialize in recyclables and furniture customization, respectively.


[edit] Services

[edit] Buying/Selling

Re-Tail offers better buy-back prices than the Nooklings so it is highly recommended that all sales be taken there. One of the Nooklings explain early game that their store serves as an in-between for sales with Re-Tail anyway, so save yourself the time, money, and effort by selling at Re-Tail.

[edit] Flea Market
If you are unhappy with the buy-back prices being offered by Re-Tail or the
Player on the flea market floor
Nooklings, you have the option to put your item(s) up on the flea market floor (max 8 at a time). The small platforms in the shop are able to be interacted with and allow you to sell any item you want with the price of your choice.

Neighbors will occasionally stop in the store to check out the selection and will indicate if they are interested in buying with the surprised emotion. Talk to them and encourage them to buy the item and they may or may not bite depending on the price you set. If they do, they will pay you up front. Wi-Fi friends are also able to purchase flea market items. Their payments will be deposited directly into your savings account as explained by Reese.

[edit] Recycling

There are some items that cannot be sold at the Nookling store (such as garbage or counterfeit paintings) and there is no dumpster in New Leaf, so you must take such items to Re-Tail to be recycled. Talk to Reese and go to sell as usual and if you have a recyclable item, she will notify you and inform you of the fee for disposing that particular item.

[edit] Turnips

The place to cash in on the Stalk Market in New Leaf is Re-Tail. Talk to Reese on any day except Sunday to get the current buy-back price for turnips. Prices can fluctuate by hour so take advantage of a good price when you see it.

[edit] Furniture Customization

Cyrus will customize anything once he's awake, to wake him up you must have 50 items in you catalog. Then he'll wake up at his office on the right of the shop, once you want to customize something then he'll see your inventory if you have anything that can be customized (Only certain items can be customized)

[edit] Ores

If have some ores, Cyrus will be in shock and ask you if you'd like to customize with the ore. if you happen to find 3 Gold Nuggets then Cyrus will ask you if you'd like to make some Gold Furniture (10,000 Bells and 3 Gold Nuggets=One Gold furniture)

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