Recycling Bin

Recycling Bin
Recycling bin.png
LocationTown Hall
Accessible timeAny time

The Recycling Bin is found inside of the Town Hall. The purpose for it is to allow the player and villagers to dispose unwanted items, and recieve items for free. Although, it can only hold up to fifteen items. Every Monday and Thursday the recycling bin will be emptied at 6:00AM, so all the items that it contains will disappear.

The Recycling bin as it is shown in City Folk.

Villagers typically use the recycling bin after they renovated their home or when they recieve something new i.e piece of furniture and it is not wanted. The occasional villager will mention their usage of the recycling bin such as their good finds or when they decide to get rid of something of their own.

Pitfall seeds occur in the recycling bin at random without any villager or non-villager animal involved.

The recycle bin is a great use of the disposal of trash such as - an old tire, an empty can and a boot.

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