Red Turnip Trade

The red turnip trade is a complex trading game involving many of the special visitors that come through town. This trading game is only available to play in Animal Crossing: Wild World. You can get a number of rare prizes that you can not get anywhere else. In order to get all of these items, you will need to play the trading game a few times or until you receive the item you wanted.


[edit] How does it work?

[edit] Step 1

Purchase a red turnip seed from Joan on Sunday and plant it in the ground. When Wendell shows up on a random weekday wandering around your town, you will need to dig up the red turnip and give it to him.

[edit] Step 2

If you do decide to give Wendell your red turnip, he will give you a choose to receive one of two items:

  • Turban (Option 1)
  • Country Guitar (Option 2)

[edit] Step 3

There are two different things and people to talk to depending on which item you took after you gave Wendell the red turnip:

Option 1: Saharah really wants that Turban. Talk to her when she comes around, and if you agree to give it to her she will exchange it for one out of two items:
  • Massage Chair » Tortimer (Option 1)
  • Red Vase » Redd (Option 2)
Option 2: Go see one of K.K. Slider's performances at The Roost on a Saturday night. After he sings you a tune, talk to him and hand over the Country Guitar. In exchange for your generosity, K.K. will give you a special item - K.K. Slider's picture!

NOTE: 3B is the last step of the trade if you choose to follow this way and get K.K. Slider's picture. It is yours to keep, as no other special visitor wants it.

[edit] Step 4

If you chose to give Saharah the Turban, then you are still involved with the trading game. Here is what you do next depending on the item you chose to take:

Option 1: Give the massage chair to Tortimer. He's a hard working mayor and could use some relaxation. When you see him hosting one of your town's events outside, exchange it with him for a scallop.
Option 2: When Redd and his tent come around town, make sure that you have the red vase ready to give to him. In exchange for this precious piece of pottery, he will give you a safe.

[edit] Step 5

Depending on if you took the scallop (Option 1) from Tortimer, or the safe (Option 2) from Redd, here is what you do now:

Option 1: Keep your scallop safe until Pascal appears on one of your town's bridges. After he gives you some groovy advice, hook him up with your scallop. He will trade for one of two items:
  • Pascal's Pic
  • Golden Axe
Option 2: Tom Nook really needs a safe to keep his Bells and his valuables protected. Trade him the safe and he will give you something that you didn't even know existed - Tom Nook's picture!

That is the end of the red turnip trade. You may play it over again however many times you would like until you receive all of the rare items.

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