AppearancesAnimal Crossing
Original Shirt"Three Ball Shirt"
House MusicK.K. Western

Ricky (Japanese name: カジロウ, Kajirou) is a Cranky Squirrel Villager who has only ever appeared in one game in the Animal Crossing series and that is in Animal Crossing.

[edit] Personality

Ricky can be a hard squirrel to please when you first meet him, this changes as soon as you get to know him and come across him more in the town. Ricky will get on with Lazy villagers because he likes their relaxed way about matters.

[edit] Appearance

Ricky is a yellow squirrel with elements of blue and white shown on his fur. He also has angry-looking eyes and a pink shiny nose.

[edit] House

Ricky's house must have some inspiration from an old western traven. He owns many cacti, a green counter, a billiard table and owns few furniture pieces from different furniture serries, such as classic table, ranch armchair and couch. His house music is K.K. Western. He uses the Manor Wall and the Old Flooring.

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