Sale Day

Sale Day
DayNovember, 4th Friday of the month
TimeAll Day
GamesAnimal Crossing, Animal Forest e+

Sale Day is an event held in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+ version on the GameCube. This event takes place during November and Tom Nook sells special bags with three items inside. Redd will also be involved in the event, he will set up his tent and sell three items. Tortimer will give away a Market Model if the player talks to him.

[edit] Glitch

If the player buys all three items from Redd's tent and then walks a certain distance away from it, then return, the tent will be gone with Redd standing near a sign. If the player walks away again then return Redd will be gone too. Sometimes, if the player talks to Redd will walk towards the sign and disappear.

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