Sea Fish

A sea fish is a specific kind of fish which can only be found in the sea. They can be caught by using a Fishing rod.

[edit] List of sea fish

Name Games Appearance
Barred Knifejaw Barred Knifejaw.png
Blue Marlin Blue Marlin.png
Butterflyfish Butterflyfish.png
Clownfish Clownfish.png
Coelacanth Coelacanth.png
Dab Dab.png
Football Fish Football Fish.png
Hammerhead Shark Hammerhead Shark.png
Horse Mackerel Horse Mackerel.png
Jellyfish Jellyfish.png
Lobster Lobster.png
Moray Eel Moray Eel.png
Napoleonfish Napoleonfish.png
Ocean Sunfish Ocean Sunfish.png
Octopus Octopus.png
Olive Flounder Olive Flounder.png
Puffer Fish Puffer Fish.png
Ray Ray.png
Red Snapper Red Snapper.png
Sea Bass Sea Bass.png
Sea Butterfly Sea Butterfly.png
Seahorse Sea Horse.png
Shark Shark.png
Squid Squid.png
Surgeonfish Surgeonfish.png
Tuna Tuna.png
Zebra Turkeyfish Zebra Turkeyfish.png

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