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Scientific NameUnknown
AppearancesAnimal Crossing: New Leaf
LocationOcean Floor (Diving)
Date AvailabilitySeptember - July
Time AvailabilityAll Day
Sales Price200 bells
Shadow SizeLarge
Seaweed is a Deep Sea Creature that made its debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It did not appear in previous Animal Crossing series games as it is only obtainable via diving, a mechanic introduced in New Leaf.

[edit] How to Catch

It can be caught by use of the Wet Suit in the ocean either at the Beach during the months of September and July, or caught at the Island Beach all year round. It will appear on the ocean floor as a large, stationary shadow.

[edit] Player

"I got some Seaweed! I just couldn't kelp myself!"

[edit] Museum

"Seaweed can be over three feet long. When it's spores attach to rocks, they take root and grow. Seaweed is naturally brown, but turns to the dark-green color we associate it with when cooked. It tends to spoil easily when picked, so various preservation methods have been developed as a necessity. Such methods of preservation are sprinkling ash and drying it out, or boiling it and adding salt."

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