A complete Seismo fossil
Parts Seismo Tail
Seismo Hip
Seismo Chest
Seismo Skull

The Seismo or Seismosaurus is a set of fossils that were introduced in the game Animal Crossing: Wild World and made a further appearance in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


[edit] Museum

[edit] Animal Crossing: Wild World

"The seismosaur is, quite simply, a stunning creature. Of the dinosaurs that we know about now, this is the absolute longest. Its body was rather small and quite light for its length, to be honest. Ah. Hoo. Terribly sorry. Who am I to judge its weight, eh wot?"

[edit] Animal Crossing: City Folk

"...Wait! Did the earth just move? Because the seismosaurus is complete! Hoo, what a mighty moment this is! The seismosaurus is the longest of all known dinosaurs, eh wot? Its body was small for its length, though, and rather light, as well... Proportionally, its brains were also rather light! HOO! I... beg your pardon! I was so enthralled, I... I spouted hot air like a boiling teapot, eh wot?"

[edit] Seismo Bones

Name HRA Points Selling Price Available
Seismo Tail 1,000 Points 4,500 Bells Underground
Seismo Hip 1,000 Points 4,000 Bells Underground
Seismo Chest 1,000 Points 4,500 Bells Underground
Seismo Skull 1,000 Points 5,000 Bells Underground
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