September is one of the months of the year which has always been included in the entire Animal Crossing Series. It is during Autumn.


[edit] Events

[edit] List of Events in September

Event Day Game
Bug-Off 23rd and 24th (AC:WW), 21st (AC:NL)
Flea Market 23rd and 24th
Labor Day First Monday
Autumn Sports Fair 23rd and 24th
La-Di-Da Day Second Saturday
Yay Day Fourth Sunday

[edit] Birthdays

There are many villagers whose birthday is in September.

[edit] List of villagers birthdays in September

Villager Day
Violet 1st
Spork 3rd
Cesar 6th
Astrid 8th
Pinky 9th
Pecan 10th
Peewee 11th
Boone 12th
Moose 13th
Tutu 15th
Ed 16th
Whitney 17th
Octavian 20th
Ankha 22nd
Mitzi 25th
Teddy 26th
Kody 28th
Monique 30th

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